Days like today it’s great to be a stay at home mother!

Today was amazing. The kids and I all saw snow for the first time in our lives. We took a road trip with our very good friends and it was awesome! My only regret was DH wasn’t there. He was stuck at work. Him missing it is one of the few drawbacks of being a stay at home mother. I get the privilege of sharing in every new and exciting moment in our children’s lives. And he has to miss it to take care of us.  It was the most inspiring thing to see them experience something new together. In life as their parent I will have gone thru most everything first but not this. It was so special.Another inspiring thing happened the other day. We were at a Tae Kwon Do sample class and all the children were doing different activities and it was MD’s turn to do the activity. When she jumped over the mat and was smiling away JM hugged her and told her “I’m so proud of you”. It felt so reassuring to me as a mother, that maybe just maybe I am teaching him a thing or two. It was so unsolicited. He had no idea I or anyone else was listening to him. He just knew praise was the right thing to do at that moment. It was one of my proudest moments to date.   

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