no hitting!! Do you need a spank?

So today we went to McDonald’s playarea. My daughter who is 12 mts sat at the table (in the playland) with my friends and I while my 3yrs old son played with his friends in the playland. The children were running around playing. At one point my son hit one of his friends. I spoke to him and made him sit with me for three minutes in a time out. Then he said he was sorry and went back to playing about 30 minutes later the man that had been sitting at the table next to our jumped up and said your son hit mine. We both went over to where the two boys were (his son looked to be about 7ish)

Me: JM did you hit him?
JM: yes
Me: please apologize and come have a time out.
JM: I’m sorry
The Man: He needs more then a time out.
Me shocked: excuse me?
Man: he needs more then a time out.
Me: Good thing that isn’t your choice sweetie!

Then the man leaving his entire mess at his table with no thought as to who would clean it up and just leaves. ** Dear man your wife isn’t here so clean up your mess!!!**

So my thought is he had no right to say this to me. Fine if you want to leave thinking I am a horrible mother, but who is he to tell me how to parent?

What would he want me to do? Spank him?   Oh OK JM no hitting come get a spanking?>??>? 

Plus I took care of it?   I could understand if I sat on my butt and did nothing or just told him to say sorry and no punishment????

Keep in mind JM did not punch this boy it was a tap at best on the arm? The man acted like JM set his kid on fire!

Why am I so upset? I am in tears and the man was the rude one! I don’t even care what people think of me (ok maybe a little) but it just kills me to have anyone not see the sweet loving boy that JM is.   

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