are you the no voter?

Sometime when we get what we ask for we wonder why we wanted it in the first place? Most often what we asked for causes us more work, heartache and stress. Sometimes it bring us more money, occasionally love and every once and a while happiness. For example anyone who asked for lots of children obviously was swing on a park swing under a blue cloud filled sky. Or when we wish evil things for a mean boss. What happens when those horrible things happen? More work for everyone? Sometimes in certain situations I hold onto anger. If you wrong me [or I think] you wronged me watch out! I may hate you forever. There are many levels of wronging crazy mom: oprah forgets what it’s like to be poor, Reese Witherspoon for having an amazing looking husband, Rachael Ray for being just so “delish”, Nate for having such amazing style I may go on forever. These would be examples of out of your hands wronging. These people A. have no control of their wronging and B. probably wouldn’t care. Then there are more local wronging. Mean girl for example will never EVER get the inside jokes, the no voter will never understand why she IS the no voter and a certain Chihuahua will never again get a Scooby snack. There are some that feel every dog has her day and I suppose I feel a little bad but where was this pup when the big dogs were nipping at mine (and some others) paws? I’ll tell you: cowering in the corner with her tail between her legs…. So now I should feel bad? I guess I should but…. well….. I don’t ok maybe only a tiny little bit but only because someone else does and this someone else seems to always have her wits about her. (something I don’t always have)    

Just for the record I love MD and JM but do at least once a day ask DH who asked for these kids? 

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