Why one movies is a four hour event in our home.

 During a movie usually in a normal setting quiet is good, even wonderful. But here in our home quiet = trouble. Tonight we were watching Just Like Heaven (obviously it was my turn to pick the movie) and in the playroom Polar Express was blaring so just a peaceful movie night in our home . Every ten minutes or so someone is crying, spilling, needing a drink or food, fighting etc all good things because while ignoring these needs we are also assured no one is choking to death or killing one other or even worse sitting with us.

So the ten mandatory minutes pass and silence…. DH’s turn to check and he calls me to the kitchen. JM is sitting surrounded by Nutter Butters and MD is standing on a chair at the counter hand in the cookie jar. All she can say is “hi”. AHHHH  the teamwork.  

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