debit card? No I’m writing a check.

In my life I have always been surrounded by morons. When I was younger it was co-workers. Later it was the lady in line in front of me who doesn’t have a debit card and still writing checks at the grocery store who warrant the eye roll. More recently the morons in my life have been a certain “support” group members. Don’t get me wrong I love said “support” group and what it stands for but as of late this “organization” has really been crumbing around me. From the top “dog” down to the smallest pup. I refuse to believe I am the only one who has a brain in my head. It seems this pack I am running with can’t get anywhere without a phone call. “Hello fellow poodle it’s me I am calling to remind you to LOOK AT YOUR CALENDAR!” Then there is the fact there is a call for a new female alpha every year. We tap dance around the fact no one wants to do it except one sweet puppy but it just happens to be the one that was accused of trying to overthrow the current monarchy. Which I guess was a huge problem since there is so many waiting to step up to their rightful place as leader of this pack….   Then there is the higher up structure of this “support” group. Who I must say is pretty much like going through a second childhood with all the “because I say so” and unrealistic punishments. There are rules to this pack. Now I love rules personally. Without rules we have chaos. I am a huge fan of the rules! Oh you want a stripper and a sex toy consultant at playgroup…. Sorry can’t it’s a rule. You want to toss a few back at the park nope another rule. I don’t make the rules I just enforce them and the rule is because of blah, blah, blah….. Well the problem with this higher pack of pups is the rules change upon whim, time of the month or who knows what maybe which direction ones nipple is face when asked the question.

And forget  asking “well that’s a great rule, why do we do that” well forget it unless you want to be either A. avoided B. receive a sigh that should only be reserved for old cripple ladies or C. told quit if you can’t deal with it.

Great support group right.

Prior to becoming so involved I use to believe the problem was with the stray runts that up and quit for seeming no reason. But now that there is more room at the feeding bowl I realize it’s not the pushing and shoving causing all the fights and throwing up it’s the quality of the puppy chow.

So the moral of this story is Please Spade or Neuter your MOMS because we fight more then cats!   

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