I am mommy hear me roar!!!

I have always loved taking classes with my children, to the point my friends make fun of me. I just think I want to make the most of their childhood and enrich their little lives as much as I can. ~and no Noggin doesn’t count, even though it is like pre-school on T.V.~  So we are always off to storytime, art class, swimming, varies playgroups and of course MOMS Club. We went to a music class the day before we went on our trip. I am not sure if it was the excitement of flying the next day or the anxiety of leaving daddy for two weeks or if JM was just having a “twity” day. It was a one hour mommy and child class in which JM acted like a complete fool. This is not normal for my little person. He can be a mommas boy, he can be a bit demanding but when we do these kinds of things I can almost always depend on him to do the right thing. Well in the true sprit of “I know he would love this” we went today for another free sample music class. (you know I am too cheap to actually sign up).   There he was my little participator, he returned! I knew he would love it! It was the best hour we have had in a long time. It almost makes me want to pay the $155 semester fee [almost]. My child was singing and dancing and doing all he was asked to do. The teacher even made comment on his behavior and was impressed with his participation level. At the end she turned the lights low and played a lullaby, I almost cried. I just sat there with my two “babies” on my lap rocking and humming along. I was thinking about how I will never have this again. That being, a total sense of  “all is right in the world” my babies are safe and in my arms. That moment culminates my feelings as a mother. I am protector, comforter, security, I am mommy: a safe place to land when you fall. 

Thinking about my own parents I still view them as such: a safe place to land when I fall. 

On a side note… ekkk it’s Friday the 13th!

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