I hate money

People who say money doesn’t equal happiness are usually those who have it. While it may not equal happiness it sure makes things easier! I was recently accused of being materialistic. I am not but I also don’t like worrying where the mortgage bill or grocery money will be coming from. I hate it. I’m not saying I want to buy a Razor cell phone or my kids are all dressed in Gymboree from head to toe but I just want to live a normal life and not obsess about how the electric bill will be paid. I was up for a SAH job doing phone interviews $8.00 an hour! Anyway the lady just called and said I was in the front running until someone who was a former employee for them became available…. It is almost worse she told me I was in the front running… She said she would keep my information but I won’t hold my breath it took two and half years for this spot to open up… I am so bummed!

We really needed that money…….. GRRRRR I am so depressed

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