It’s all about the phlegm

So we ring in this glorious new year. Full of joy, hope and promises. I joined a new book club, start reading a book and clean the house. I even cleaned out my closet. I make many piles and fill several marked boxes. (garage sale, consignment and donation) . I even go so far as taking four boxes to the thrift store. $100 in credit later and miraculously there are still four boxes and they are still in the robot van, waiting to be marked for the garage sale. Then we get an unexpected house guest! Phlegm! It started with MD’s butt. She has had the nastiest bout with diarrhea I have ever seen and her poor butt is paying the price. Her butt has every “remedy” known to man on it….. butt paste, A&D, Burt’s Bee’s, EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and oatmeal. DH teases she has a seven coarse meal on her ass. Then JM has a fever. Now DH and I both feel horrible and the kids have switched symptoms but everyone has a cough and stuffy nose and our house guest and all his baggage. I should be thankful we are doing this now and not in three weeks when we will be in Disneyland. But enough already. I have to grocery shop, remove & label those boxes and oh yeah get dressed! OK phlegm there are pineapples on the dresser! So in the words of so many Southerners ” It’s time to pack your things and go”

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