Today was Christmas

Sometimes this day is hard because we live so from the rest of our family.

This year was so exciting. JM and MD were very excited. Sometimes I worry we are giving them to much. I’ve thought long and hard lately about this and about what I think is important. What I’ve realized I will never stop giving to our children. We will never stop wanting for our children. These children have give us something nothing else has. They are these special beings that complete our family. I will always want their lives to be easier then mine, nicer then mine and more fulfilling then mine. This is a feeling only parents understand. Sure there are times from the outside looking in that our children are spoiled or indulged. But that’s just it an outsider looking in. It is very easy to make assumptions about people that are different then yourself.

Before I had children there was a whole list of “I will never do”
Never TV
Never talking back
Never too many toys
on and on…..

What these children have taught me is a person can criticize all day about ones parenting skills and the way one chooses to live their life but until they live it, they can not know what it is to be a parent until that day occurs. 

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