Happybirthday Crazychildren

I can’t believe the kids birthday party has come and gone. It seems time flies right by me as I tick, tick, tick on the computer keys. Every year I say I will just have a small “no frills” party for the kids and then it comes and I always go so overboard. This year we had a cheerleader/football player party. Complete with an actual football hero and peppy cheerleader. I know the kids had a great time and by hiring these entertainers so did I. Here are the Thank you cards:

I can’t believe how these children have grown. On each of their birthdays, during their nap I just sat and thought about their births. How I wanted them to be perfect. Although they were extremely different they each had their own and shockingly each fits the child thus far.

I remember when I first meet DH, I had a plan. That plan has varied a bit (ummmm AZ and infertility) but it was it always was about being together and having babies. I must add it also included winning Power Ball but I guess even the best of plans have flaws…. I have always been a list maker. I have spiral after spiral of lists. And of all my “life lists” babies were always at the top. The key word being babies I don’t think I really ever thought about them getting older.

It shocks me at the amount of words and understanding JM has. MD well she is one smart cookie. I know girls mature faster then boys but man o’ man does she know how to work both her brother and dad over. I watch her and it makes me laugh. She truly is more like me then I realize.

That girl is really going to give me a run for my money. I have no idea what the future holds.

I know there was an AMC before this family came but I really think of that girl as another lifetime. I like that girl, but she does not exist anymore. I like the current AMC and I am sure I will like the AMC of tomorrow. I guess I change just like the kids do.

I fuss at JM when it is 2am and he is still bouncing off the walls in bed or whispering “mom, let’s get up” in the middle of the night. I don’t even want to think of the time when he outgrows being this child. Outgrows “smothering” and “finger kisses”. And MD, oh how I love being close to her. She is such an independent girl. The few and far between moments she want to be held close. To hold her as she sucks her thumb is so sweet. I cry for that AMC of tomorrow. How sad it will be to watch them drive away or slam the door. Oh and the inevitable moment in time one or both of them scream “I hate you mom!” and truly sound like they mean it.

No they can’t stay “babies” forever. I just have to enjoy their babyhood as long as it lasts and embrace the JM and MD and even the AMC of tomorrow.

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